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Wayward Moto Gear T-Shirts are all unique designs. All of our motorcycle shirts are high quality, soft, and very comfortable. Get Your’s Today and get out on the open road…

Motorcycle T-Shirts

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All of our T-Shirts are high quality, super soft, and made to form fit comfortably.

Our Motorcycle T-Shirts

Do you get frustrated that most motorcycle t-shirts are printed on rough feeling, standard 100% cotton shirts? Wether your are shopping for biker shirts at a motorcycle rally or online, most retailers still print their designs on old fashioned 100% cotton shirts that have a stiff feel to them. A standard 100% cotton t-shirt is mede from open ended cotton fabric, which results in a scratchy heavy tee. When looked at in a microscope, you can easily see the open ended, jagged fibers that make the tee feel scratchy.

One of the reasons we started Wayward Moto Gear is because we don’t think any biker should have to settle for a sub-par feel or fit in their graphic t-shirts.  We only print on t-shirts that are soft and have a smooth comfortable fit. All of our custom men’s motorcycle t-shirts and women’s motorcycle t-shirts are printed either 100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton, Heather CVC, or Triblend. So what do these terms mean? 

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100% Combed & Ring-Spun Cotton

Our most popular tees we sell are 100% combed and ring-spun. The term combed ring-spun refers to the process where cotton is combed to remove any impurities and then goes through the “ring-spun” process to create long strands of cotton that are straightened to flow in the same direction. This process makes the cotton yarn softer than “carded open-end fiber yarn” which is used in simple “100% cotton shirt”. That yarn is turned into our fabric, which has a super tight weave, smooth consistency. Because there are fewer impurities in the yarn, the final fabric is ultra-soft.

The ring-spun cotton also creates a stronger, tighter fabric that is more breathable and lightweight. So not only is ring-spun quality a higher quality fabric, it also feels a lot better.

Heather CVC

The term CVC refers to a cotton/polyester blend that contains a much heavier blend cotton. The letters CVC stand for the term “Chief Value Cotton”. Many of our ring-spun cotton motorcycle t-shirts also will include a Heather CVC option which is a blend of 52% combed and ring-spun cotton and 48% polyester. This blend creates a nice subtle textured look that the polyester blend provides.

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You will not find a more comfortable t-shirt fabric than triblend. Ring-spun cotton is a great material and adding heather CVC to it takes it to another level, but triblend is gold standard in comfort, fit and feel. This fabric is a blend of three types of yarn –  50% polyester, 25% combed and ring-spun cotton and 25% rayon. You get the comfort from the cotton, durability from the polyester and the luxurious drape from the rayon.

When cotton, polyester, and rayon are blended together, the result is an ultrasoft, light and airy fabric. Similar to a Heather CVC, Triblends also can have a really subtle texture that ads a very stylish look to the t-shirt. Triblend is a more expensive material than 100%  combed ring-spun cotton, so we use triblend material in all our limited run special collections, such as our Daytona Bike Week T-Shirts and our Sturgis T-Shirts.

The Place for Unique Motorcycle T-Shirts

At Wayward Moto Gear we feature unique motorcycle t-shirt designs. We are place to get your original Daytona Bike Week T-Shirts, Sturgis Motorcycle T-Shirts, general Motorcycle Rally T-Shirts, and T-Shirts for general motorcycle culture. We pride ourselves in only offering soft, comfortable, good fitting graphic t-shirts. No heavy, baggy t-shirts here! Only shirts you will want to leave on all day! Check out our Men’s Motorcycle T-Shirts and our Women’s Motorcycle T-Shirts.

Motorcyle T-Shirt FAQ

At Wayward Moto Gear, we have a variety of Life Behind Bars motorcycle t shirts to choose from. Our motorcycle shirts are high quality, soft, and comfortable.

Wayward Moto Gear has unique motorcycle event t-shirts that will not find anywhere else. We have exclusive Sturgis Shirts, Bike Week Shirts, and many more.

Get a perforated leather or mesh jacket to wear over your motorcycle shirt. This will allow air to flow through to keep you cool, protect you from road rash.

Wayward Moto Gear only sells men’s motorcycle shirts and women’s motorcycle shirts that are soft and form fitting. We refuse to sell shirts that are heavy and baggy. All of our motorcycle graphic tees are made of a soft ringspun cotton or a soft tri-blend mix.

Wayward Moto Gear has a variety of unique shirt design for women. Our women’s motorcycle t-shirts are high quality and very comfortable.