A Motorcycle Destination

One of the things we look forward to in this area of North Georgia during the spring and summer are Thursday night bike night at Sixes Tavern in Cartersville. Sixes Tavern is located at 650 Henderson in Cartersville Georgia. It is a great Tavern with live entertainment and very good food. You really can’t mess with any of their menu items but my personal favorites are their Philly cheese steak and their fish and chips. Pair either one of them with an ice-cold draft beer and you’ve got a winning combination.

Thursday night bike night at Sixes Tavern usually get a big turn out. You’re fine bikes of all shapes and sizes and makes and models filling the parking lot to the brim. You’ll see everything from sport bikes to cruisers to fall out customs choppers. By not only will you find a great assortment of motorcycles up at night but also they usually have a great assortment of classic cars and hot rods and even some modern muscle cars on display.

Motorcycles of All Types

motorcycles at sixes tavern

We like it yet that early on Thursday night because there’s a lot to look at and you want to take your time. Also find that The people that attend bike night are quite friendly and loves to talk about the rides so again get there early and a lot plenty of time to mingle and walk around before you had in just Sixes Tavern to grab a seat. I guess if I had one complaint about to bike night is at the turn out as usual so good that sometimes takes a while to get seated, and getting a seat out on the patio it’s like winning the lottery… The odds are not in your favor. But that’s a minor complaint because even if you do have to wait, between the live music and all of the action going on outside, the wait goes by pretty quickly.

When you’re at Sixes Tavern for bike night be on the lookout for the hosts walking around with raffle tickets. Generally they offer some really amazing prizes, such as firearms or motorcycle gear, or even motorcycle t-shirts. Raffle tickets are only five dollars and the money is always donated to a good cause so it’s a win-win for everybody. Also the people running a wrap or just downright nice people and they freely volunteer their time to help out good causes.

It’s All About the Ride

Even though there is a lot to like about Sixes Tavern and Thursday night motorcycle night I have to say that my favorite part about it is still the ride there and the ride back. Riding up in the area of North Georgia is a real pleasure as there is a mix of roads to choose from depending on your riding style. I prefer taking the winding, slow country roads that meander through beautiful neighborhoods and small towns, lakes and bridges as well as other inspirational scenery. If that’s not your style and you’re more about speed there are some open roads and one can even choose to take i75 North or South depending on their destinations. At that time of night it’s usually a pretty wide-open ride so you can really twist the throttle.

So if your motorcycle enthusiast or you are into old cars, or even you are just looking for a fun place to grab a good meal on a Thursday night, come on out to Sixes Tavern and prepare for a good time. We look forward to seeing you. I’ll be with the group of people wearing the cool biker shirts. Heck, knowing me, I’ll probably  be wearing on of my Sturgis Rally Shirts.